We begin with sufficient interaction with the client to ascertain their likes and dislikes. We have enough conversation to understand the lifestyle and requirements of the client to come up with the best solution.

After having understood the requirements, we visit the current premises to ascertain what areas the client is looking for improvement and enhancement in their new premises. We believe that planning well is the only way to achieving the best result. Hence we follow a simple system, do meticulous planning and pay great attention to details.
After having understood the requirements, the first step is to Personally visit, study and undertake measurements on site. This opens to us the possibilities, the parameters and the limitations for designing.

We then prepare layout options, where we design the layout options keeping the aesthetics, usability and optimum space utilization in mind. While walking the client through the layouts, we discuss the pros and cons of each layout.

Once layout options and the scope are zeroed in, we focus on preliminary budget.

Our policy is - simple system, meticulous planning, vigorous process and attention to detail.
Our emphasis is doing the first things first and the priority is always the project.
Our business growth is purely and completely word of mouth and reference dependent.
We believe in being adaptable and approachable.  

We believe in leading, a team of skilled workers and craftsmen.

Our bottom-line is “Customer Satisfaction”.

  We believe,
The Interiors
done must allow for unrestricted additions to the décor.