This is our first home. And of course, we needed the guidance of professionals who gelded with the ideas we had in our mind. With the cliche "too many cooks spoil the broth" holding true for us, Manoj and Raj helped avoid the "broth from spoiling" . They gave us our space and freedom to experiment, but held the final say and with their expertise have helped us have a home we are proud of. Their experience and professionalism is apparent in our home. They also have the empathy and patience to realise that a person's first home needs their personal touches and dreams, and gave us a free hand which they supervised constantly and professionally. Their guidance and professionalism is greatly appreciated. We never felt intimidated by these professionals, rather, we felt we were interacting with friends who were making our home a better place to live in.
Anuja and Kamal Modi.
Working with Manoj - Rane Associates has been a very pleasant experience. Without them, I simply would not be able to accomplish everything that I wanted to get done in my new house. Their vast expertise and creativity, along with extensive resources available with them is just great. They are knowledgeable, creative, competent, professional, have a great attitude and an excellent work ethic. I look forward to working with them once again.
We entrusted work of Interior Design and execution to Manoj Rane associates after considering other 4-5 Interior Design firms and professionals. We had just 4 walls in our 2500 sqft apartment .
They started their work by first understanding our requirements and then to conceptualization, design, planning till execution. Throughout this engagement both Manoj and Raj were highly professional, receptive to our suggestions and flexible in their views. Their innovations in the design significantly enhanced our satisfaction. They finalized design of every room before commencing the corresponding execution, thereby avoiding rework altogether. They took total responsibility of the project and they had their associate vendors / contractors to do the execution with high quality. The vendors/contractors brought in by them had highly skilled and committed labor and were dependable as well. They provided very efficient Project Management till completion. The material suggested was of excellent quality with adequate options for us to choose from. We were delighted to find that the project was completed within the agreed timeframes and also without significant cost variation to the estimates! Thanks to their professional approach, open and transparent communication, which they maintained throughout the duration,the project was executed without any stress, that is a rarity. We are a delighted customer and will not hesitate to entrust them with more work or recommend them to anyone else
Satish Gore.
Came as saviors for us and took our partly project to completion. The way they work stands apart in the industry and they can certainly make it to the Interior Design CMM Level 5.
They brought a lot of planning, risk management and delivery excellence to our project. They also provide a lot of post-completion help to us. Overall I should say your house is in safe hands with Manoj and Rane.

Pallavi & Sumedh Rajadhyax.
Gold Coas, Baner


We had approached Manoj Hirani and Raj Rane for refurbishing our office at our factory premises at Markal, Pune. When we started the discussions they were very forthcoming in guiding us to come to a proper decision regarding the designing. They believe in recycling and conservation and our old furniture was completely utilized in our new set up. This was a welcome change since we found other designers unwilling to accept the use of the old furniture.
Their honesty regarding purchase of items is very transparent. There is no ambiguity and grey areas. They gave suggestions and sources as to where to buy the materials from, but were absolutely open to the aspect of our company wanting to purchase from some our own sources. Their designing was neat, and practical just as what we wanted. Equally importantly the budgets and schedules were kept in control and adhered to. Any and all issues relating to the work prior to and after completion, and those of accounts were also promptly addressed, with a smile. I recommended them to two of my friends who are equally happy and satisfied happy with their work.

Manish Kotak
Director Kleenage
Products (I) Pvt Ltd.


I have had the pleasure of working with Manoj Rane Asscociates for the doing up the interiors of my apartment in Kalyani Nagar.

Had it not been for the patience and consultative approach followed by Manoj Rane Associates our home interiors would not have turned out to be as brilliant as they have. They are one of the very few Interior Designing firms (if not the only) that I have met who balance practicality and beauty, vision and implementation, flexibility and timeliness.
They connect closely with the client (to start with, I bet you will be more like family friends with them within a month of the project start) and understand their individuality in terms of lifestyle, personality, preferences etc. that seamlessly flow into the designs, and combine that with their brilliance and creativity and your home interiors turns out to be an art form.

The final testimony for the work done by Manoj Rane Associates is the fact that everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) who has visited our home have been in awe of the interiors and wanted to work with Manoj Rane Associates whenever they decide to do up their interiors.

Saurabh Limaye
CEO – Dataction Analytics.

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